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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages and disadvantages when you put a coreXY against a bed-slinger, such as an Ender 3. In terms of printing speeds, stability and print outcomes, a well-tuned CoreXY mechanical system triumps it in every aspect.

We wrote a simple article here that you can find out more about the benefits of a CoreXY Machine:

The original Ender 3's build volume is 235x235x250mm (x, y, z)

Since the kit re-uses close to 95% of all the original extrusions, we're mechanically space constrained.

Your new maximum build volume is now 230x205x400mm (x, y, z)

Yes, we designed an extra 150mm in height because we discovered that the wires from stock are long enough; so why not we give you the best.  

Why does the Kit lose Y axis? 

As explained in the previous point; space constraints. If we designed it to accommodate 235x235, there will be a lot of extrusions wasted and new extrusions will have to be provided. That adds up to the cost, to the shipping weight which probably doesn't favor anyone.

Because the heaviest mass of all, the motors are now stationary in a CoreXY setup and without the swinging bed in a front and back motion, you can drastically improve the printing speed of your printer. 

Lose 20mm in Y due to space constraints? Now you can gain up to 220mm/s or higher print speeds with the right hotend without worrying if your bed would fly right off.

The KAY3D Conversion kits for both the Ender 3 and 5 are designed to withstand massive belt tensions required in a CoreXY Setup. 

In order to do that, we do not use printed parts as opposed to the other coreXY designs you see in the market. These parts are either CNC-ed and laser cut. The cost of manufacturing is already largely reduced because of our volume but they are still significantly more expensive as compared to plastic "printed parts"

Also, we didn't scrimp in such a kit; using only the best, you guessed it right. We also use Unitta belts from Gates and idustrial bearings.

As for shipping, we're looking at several extrusions at different lengths. Some long, some short and we must also not forget the 6mm-thick bracket extrusions we employ. The weight of these components add up to the weight and in pandemic times like these, almost all courier companies have raised their prices. 

This is why we're having troubles getting the best possible rates; even if we want to.

It doesn't matter whether you have an Ender 3 or Ender 3 pro. All Ender 3's are supported.

The single most critical component that may give you a slight set-back are Ender 3's with press-fit pulleys. You can find a solution in the pre-requisite section of the manual where we go through in detail how to overcome the problem. 

No, the belt system we have is not the criss-cross type. 

Our belt system is quite similar to the Voron 2.1's belt system where none of the belts are twisted. We have a 2-level belt system at the rear.

Our belt system ensures that the belts are properly parallel where they need to to increase printing speeds and reduce print skews & print artefacts on your parts.

Yes, there are similar projects in the pipeline to roll out conversion kits based on other printers.

We didn't want to leave stones unturned. This is a kit that will take time.

Excluding the time required to tear down your machine, the estimated build time is 4 hours.

We included possibly every single picture at different angles to ensure that your coreXY conversion will go smoothly. A detailed manual will be long.

No, our slicer profile is not perfect. Even new Ender 3's that are manufactured on the same batch, using the same conversion kits, assembled by the same person will not be 100% identical. Therefore, the slicer profiles are never perfect.

However, they are a great starting point. Just some fine tuning and you'll be done. 

No, we don't have a forum for now but plans are on the way. 

All support tickets are handled individually via email. As soon as the forum is up, we will be sending the news right to your inbox!

If you're not subscribed, you may want to.

No, you can place an order with us with or without an account. However, you may want to create an account with us as there are additional perks for account holders such as:

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Almost a year into development, it wasn't an easy task to port a printer's movement coordinates into another, attempting to re-use existing components. 

Also, our comprehensive kit contains individually checked components; more than 20 different type of bolts, specific-sized spacers, idler bearings. 

All these require cost, time & money. We do however promise that you'll get second to none printing results with out kit.

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