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KAY3D CoreXY Conversion Kit Mk2 Based on Ender 5 PLUS

(Manufacturing lead times remain at 7-8 weeks from order date until pandemic Covid-19 situation improves)

Have you ever wanted to do more with your Ender 5 Pluys? Or perhaps, your 2020 new year's resolution is to print faster and better like other high-end machines such as the ultimaker and railcore .. ? 

After much research and development, we're happy to announce that we're  releasing an equally powerful CoreXY kit to the market that fits the Ender 5 Plus. 

Now the kit is not just any kit. It's a kit only for Ender 5 plus users who want to do more with their machines. You want to 3D print faster and better.

It's a kit for the adventurous, but not the faint-hearted. Accompanied with the kit is also handy manual over 196 pages long that has logged down every single detail, picture and instruction to help you build possibly the best CoreXY 3D Printer you can while re-using your Ender 5 Plus parts

Comes with the kit are laser cut metal plates to ensure that you get the best 3D printing experience possible. No more breaking of acrylic parts or bending of thin aluminium sheets or even using printed parts! In fact, this conversion kit for the Ender 5 Plus doesn't use printed parts at all except for the hotend assembly in order for us to provide you with the best part cooling experience.

The KAY3D CoreXY Conversion Kit comes with:

Non-Cantilevered Design

kay3d non cantilevered idlers

perfectly parallel 2-level design belt with a non-cantilevered setup

KAY3D's CoreXY conversion kit also comes with a non-cantilevered design as well. All core components that have idlers and bearings are all stacked with metal spacers, washers & shims. This prevents the bolts from bending when the belts are tensioned and bent bolts equal skewed prints!

Our Mk1 kits were designed with nylon spacers in mind but we faced inaccuracies in them. This is why the current Mk2 versions have metal spacers and washers of various dimensions and within specd' tolerances. This is how we ensure your bearings, 2GT idlers and belts will, and always be aligned.

Optimizing X Axis Stability

Ender 5 Plus Optimizing X axis

imagine the X axis motor removed. Equal weights on the new axis and now your motor is stationary; trueCoreXY setup. Less mass on X Axis, less ringing and more movement power

Since the X axis motor is now removed from the X-Axis, you get equal weights on the axis, left and right. With the motor shifted to the rear and working in conjunction with another motor in the CoreXY style, you also get more speed, power and accuracy in high speed movements and positioning.

Repurposing Your Existing Parts

kay3d corexy re-use components from ender 3

Build your new machine with existing parts. We know you love your Enders. We do too, so we kept them and made this

The goal of the kit was simple, to design an optimized CoreXY machine re-using as many parts as possible from the Ender 5 Plus so changing to linear rails was definitely out of the question.

Using V-wheels as the linear motion mechanism made absolute sense for us as they're reliable and quiet. Using good linear rails would also cause a severe price hike in the kit and we really want this kit to be as affordable as possible and in all our tests, V-wheels are very good when well tuned!

Future Proofing for the Hotend

kay3d future proofing hotend plate

a newly designed hotend plate

We completely revamped the original Ender 5 Plus's hotend metal plate as we wanted something better. Something more future proof but we also wanted the original fan ducts to fit so we made this. 

It also has additional M3 holes that are pre-tapped to allow for custom additions such as mounts for the BLtouch, KAVA lite, 18mm sensors etc.

Keeping it Flexible. Bowden or Direct Drive Extrusion

ender 5 plus bowden or direct drive

We understand that sometimes, bowden tubes are not everyone's cup of tea as they may lead to under extrusions so we designed a hotend duct specifically for the Ender 5 Plus. To be printed with enough walls and infill, the KAY3D duct comes in two types. Bowden or Direct drive that that utilises BMG's dual geared technology will push through filament like a complete machine. It fits onto KAY3D's hotend plate like a glove. 

Say no more to under extrusions and high retractions lengths with the KAY3D Direct Drive Extruder. Pinions, shafts and gears can be purchased separately. 

Downloadable Firmware and Custom Support

kay3d downloadable firmware

We know that firmware modification is not everyone's cup of tea so we're also providing you with the firmware. Choose the right firmware, click & download, flash and done.

Should your choice of motherboard be not supported, our firmware support team will even edit the firmware for you. All these as part of the support you'll be getting when using our CoreXY Conversion Kit. 

Custom Boot Screen

Prefer our type of touchscreen look? Firmware file included along with flashing instructions. Today, you can choose to give your touch screen a different look. 

ender 5 plus corexy screen firmware 

View Detailed Assembly Manual

kay3d downloadable firmware

What's worse than having a printer delivered but without proper instructions? We're big on instructions because we know you need them. So we're giving you a manual of more than 196 pages with actual pictures. Not just visual illustrations. Don't believe the details we provide? Go ahead, click on the image to view our Manual.

Here's Dwayne's latest kit, assembled right at KAY3D Labs and doing it's first test prints. He got so excited that he forgot to snip off the excess belts!

We ship internationally to more than 200 countries!

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